PAP, acronym of Perfect Alcas Paper

represents the peak of the Alcas evolution, turning it into a multi-material company to all intents and purposes, where paper is flanked by modern Bioplastics and traditional plastic, whether they are recycled or recyclable.

11 paper cup sizes

70cc to 550cc

The PAP project represents a milestone for our company called, for the first time in 60 years, to operate a significant strategic repositioning alongside a reconversion of production. PAP includes 11 paper cup sizes, all of which are manufactured internally and available either in three generic designs or completely customisable with your logo and design.

This is PAP!

Alcas has created three designs studied to take advantage and exalt the elegant transparencies typical of paper printing.

70cc size

main colour yellow

80cc size

main colour blue

100cc size

main colour green

120cc size

main colour red

140cc size

main colour orange

160cc size

main colour pink

190cc size

main colour lime

250cc size

main colour ochre

290cc size

main colour mint

450cc size

main colour hazelnut

550cc size

main colour tiffany
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Our graphic department can work on any idea and customise it with your logo.

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