Our past can be told in two ways.

The first and the most immediate is using figures or, even better, using dates of birth. The second, more hidden yet more conditioning, is following the changing values attributed to our products.

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During the first decades of our company, the products could limit themselves to performing their primary function (i.e. containing and transporting desserts and ice-cream): then came the first trays and containers specific for different desserts (Zuccotto, Tiramisu, Profiteroles) thanks to which we basically created our market.

Aesthetics was important yet not determining and plastic – white, coloured or transparent – immediately proved the ideal solution.


Over time, with the evolution in content quality, the visual impact of the containers has become increasingly important, leading us to use composite plastic materials that were definitely more elegant than what was available on the market.

At the same time, the need also emerged to use small and large containers capable of enhancing the products inside and enticing impulse purchases in the shops.

This led to us bringing product design to a new level by introducing new and unusual shapes.


Over the past few years, products have been called to fulfil a new role, i.e. to become bearers of values capable of responding to changed external needs in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.

This new sensitivity urged us to experiment with new materials such as bioplastics, to distinguish and promote certain types of plastics (Pet and R-Pet) compared to others and, finally, to reconvert in favour of paper.

Alcas Today

If we were to take a photograph of our present, it would definitely come out as blurry.
This is in fact a moment of great dynamism and change, fruit of the considerable process of strategic and productive repositioning underway, aimed at tracing a clearer profile of a modern and multi-material company focused not only on the sale of products but also on the communication of values.


The future of Alcas

Although distant in time, our future can be easily identified.
Because it can only be found at the end of a journey that started in our past and is being traced by our present.
A journey of presence, on the market and alongside our clients, behaving correctly and professionally and driven by the guiding star of environmental sustainability.

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