We are driven by a great energy.

An energy that emanates from the people who have been working with us for years, both internally in the offices and the production and logistics departments and externally in the markets all over the world where our products are distributed. An energy that is fed by dreams and passion and that pushes us towards an increasingly sustainable future.

3,000 tons processed every year

Our production facility has evolved over the years, adapting to the changed competitive, environmental and cultural conditions.

Initially focused on plastic – a hygienic, adaptable and aesthetically flexible material – the production of Alcas has paid increasing attention to the themes of environment and sustainability since the early 2000s creating, well in advance with respect to its competitors, the first line of products made of Corn bioplastic, a biodegradable and biocompatible material.

Now, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary, a new complete industrial reconversion project introduces new content into the multi-material vocation of Alcas thanks to innovative machinery for the production of paper products.

As a consequence of this lengthy adaptation process, Alcas produces almost the entirety of its catalogue internally thanks to modern injection and thermoforming plastic and bioplastic printing systems and to the new production units dedicated to paper.


180,000 boxes in stock

Being present on the market for over 60 years is a challenge based not only on the ability to adapt products and production logics to the changing needs of the market, but also on the ability to guarantee what over the years has become a crucial success element – swift and efficient service.

The reduction of space that could be used as a warehouse and the need to carefully manage the financial impact of purchases have in fact forced artisanal ice-cream and pastry makers to plan their orders almost in real time.

To meet this increasing demand for efficiency, we set up a dedicated logistics hub that boasts:

  • over 7,000 pallet stations;
  • 14 loading bays;
  • room for approximately 180,000 boxes;
  • a special algorithm created to optimize operator pathways;
  • an RF (radiofrequency) system that can transmit all necessary information to operators, improving efficiency and reducing the use of paper.

The Alcas world… all over the world

alcas italia

This is the vision of our distribution strategy on the domestic market, which we developed over the years with the creation of a capillary network of over 80 agents and the acquisition of around 5,000 clients, including 400 wholesalers and distributors.

alcas usa Corp

Due to our strong drive towards internationalisation, we often realised that there are markets that cannot be dealt with from afar for strategic and logistics reasons.

Hence our decision, in September 2015, to establish Alcas USA in Fort Lauderdale with the objective of achieving a progressive expansion on the US market, taking advantage of the appreciation for Italian products especially when it comes to food and, therefore, ice-cream and patisserie.

alcas global

To look for new products beyond what was well-known and consolidated and to look for new markets beyond borders.

Thanks to this resolve, we can now count on around 225 foreign distributors in over 70 countries. We can safely say that we transport “what’s good” of Italy in the world.

And we are not just talking about ice-cream, which is savoured in our cups everywhere.